Authentic intimacy; it’s a look, a touch, a depth of connection that only the two of you understand. It’s alive and real for you both; laughter, pleasure and vulnerability coexist naturally when it’s present. Real intimacy such as this, desired by us all, is only available when we get deeply connected to our partner; allowing for and creating a safe space for each to be ‘known’ and accepted just as we are. Authentic intimacy is at the core of Conscious Relationships.


Boldly connecting with your inner self, on a deep and personal level and gaining clarity around your passions, wants, needs, and desires are essential in creating loving partnered relationships. These are key aspects in creating Conscious Relationships. Having an authentic, intimate, and real relationship with ourselves allows for and creates confidence in your ability to have a relationship that will thrive, grow and flourish yet remain sexy, deeply connected and loving as time passes.


Unbound, free without constraints, living a life that is a reflection of who we are. This is where our greatest freedom and joy in life lives. A romantic partnered relationship is unbound in the same way, it is fulfilling, fun and exciting – it is the truest expression of our authentic self. It’s a created connection you share with your partner in which you both grow side-by-side, confident, successful, loving and nourishing each other. It is the relationship that others see and want for themselves.

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