What I have discovered over time and I know without a shadow of doubt is that everyone wants to have relationships that are fulfilling, passionate, that leave us feeling accepted and appreciated – knowing without a doubt we are loved and cherished.

My story of relationships and marriage is not uncommon and perhaps similar to yours: in my 20’s after years of being single, having fun, dating some nice guys and having some not so great dating experiences, I met and married a guy who I thought was perfect for me.  

I thought I knew what marriage was all about even though I hadn’t had any long-term success in relationships before.

The fact was - I didn’t have a clue how to ‘be’ married!

So I started out with what I knew: that it was more important to ‘get along’; Translated, don’t make waves, go with the flow.  That worked for a while – until it didn’t.

There were years of children, happiness and many more years of conflict, upset and confusion between us. After many years of this, I decided that choosing happiness and getting to know ‘me’ was more important than the security of an unhappy marriage. 

Dating at 40+ years was an adventure, exciting and perilous. My questions and concerns around dating were endless and not unlike yours. I dove straight in without any preparation! I met plenty of men in those years, but no rewarding or fulfilling relationships developed.

Why wasn’t I having any success in relationships and dating? Why was I being ‘dumped’ more often now than in my 20’s?? Was it the men I dated or was it me?

No surprise here: I was the common denominator.

That revelation got me to take a hard look at what was holding me back from having what I really wanted. What was it that was standing in my way from having and being in a loving, connected, satisfying, sexy and fun relationship?

Light bulb moment!!!
I had NO background to prepare me to be in my ideal relationship and a
marriage that fulfilled all my wants and desires.

After coaching from some amazing people, self-reflection and the courage to look at the truth of where I was personally. In the process I discovered my truth – I had been hiding out from myself!

Bounded up, inauthentic and disconnected from myself most of adult life. I didn’t have the courage or confidence to be who I was and stand for what I wanted to have in my life.

You don’t have change who you are to have love in your life.
It’s about how you see yourself and the world around you.

Authentically and unbound, embracing who you are,
creating what you want and allowing love into your life.

Today, I’m happily married to an incredible man who is everything I wanted and dreamed of. We have an amazing relationship that is loving, connected, satisfying, sexy and fun! We create and celebrate each other living authentically and unbound every day of our marriage.

My personal journey through marriage and relationships, has given me a unique perspective and an extraordinary advantage in assisting you in creating, having and being in the perfect relationship for you.

 If you’re ready to begin a new journey that will alter your romantic future forever,  I would be honored to be your guide and mentor on your journey to love.

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